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The creators of Age of Gods slot will bring awareness by launching a new slot about protecting wildlife

Our mission here at the International River Network is to promote the safety, protection, and cleanliness of our waterways. Not only is it important for fauna to have fresh water, but it is just as important for the animal populations in those areas. Since the 1980s, we’ve been working to make sure wildlife around the world has a voice advocating for them. Of course, we also depend on support from businesses and communities, too. The creators of the Age of Gods slot has recently joined forces with us on our latest undertaking.

Importance of wildlife and waterways

There are many important reasons to protect wildlife and their habitats. There are practical aspects, including the impact on fertile land and communities who rely on wildlife for sustenance. A variety of creatures also exist in perfect harmony with their environment to eliminate pests and prevent overgrowth.

In addition to the direct impact on the environment, there is also a matter of respect and reverence for wildlife. The massive overhunting of many animals has led some species to the brink of extinction. Pollution, though it affects humans, has also been choking off riverways and interrupting the life cycle of native fish around the world. These are all crucial issues that must be addressed.

Spreading awareness through gambling platforms

The task of spreading awareness of wildlife preservation is one that never ends. Even though we and many like-minded groups around the world do our utmost to reach out, we can always further community education and teach others better habits. This occurs through informative articles, pushing for education, and engaging activities. There is no singular method that will work for every person on earth, and that’s okay. We are a diverse mix of cultures, climates, and habits. Creating widespread change and shifting to an attitude where the world views the protection of natural ecosystems as key to our own survival will take time, especially in highly developed areas.

How the casino slot creators are doing their part

There isn’t a single answer – there are many. One of the latest pieces of intervention comes from the creators of the popular Age of Gods slot game. The software provider behind this online casino game is Playtech. Playtech is one of the most well-known gamblibg companies in the world. They have hundreds of thousands of loyal fans and gamblers who appreciate their products. Playtech is taking a step toward reaching out to players through wagering platforms. They are creating a new slot game that centers on the environment and protecting wildlife. It is their hope (and ours) that by combining education with entertainment, the message will hit home for gamblers in a meaningful way.

What to expect from the new wildlife casino slot

This, of course, leads to the question of what we can expect. Playtech has let us know that players will be tasked with collecting symbols referencing items and habits known to improve the lives of animals. Growing your own food, cleaning up trash, and water preservation will all make an appearance.

The structure of the slot is still private. However, Playtech is known for creating dynamic 5-reel, 3-row video slots. Their design team is capable of superior graphic design elements and engaging bonus features. We can’t way to play the demo game and see how it all works! Release is slated for the spring of next year, so we won’t have to wait too long. It’s actions like these that demonstrate everyone can have an impact. What will you do?

For further information, please contact:

Aviva Imhof, Campaigns Director
International Rivers Network
E-mail: aviva@irn.org
Phone: +1 510-848-1155