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How Flowers Online Slot Takes Inspiration from River Nature and Plant life

At the International Rivers Network, we’re dedicated to upholding the protection of the environment and honouring human rights across the globe. Today, we want to take a moment to reflect on how nature and plant life are so intrinsic in our lives. We aren’t just speaking about what’s out in your garden, but the way it affects even technology, such as online casino slot games.

We recently did a similar piece, the China River slot, which talked about the influence of waterways on developing popular casino slot games. Now, let’s switch our conversation to plant life instead. We’re discussing the Flowers online slot from gambling company NetEnt and how it was influenced by local and popular plant varieties. Please read on to learn more.

About the Flowers casino online slot

Let’s take a moment to learn more about the Flowers online slot to better relate our point here. If you’re unfamiliar with this casino game, it’s a virtual casino game created by the software provider NetEnt. It’s a beautifully designed slot game that has drawn many gamblers since its release. As you can imagine, this casino game pulls heavily from nature. It’s a bright and sunny game that celebrates the world’s favourite flowers. Included among these are red roses, sunflowers, tulips, lotus flowers, and even the Venus fltrap. Each of these has a unique role to play in their respective ecosystems. However, they also make our world a brighter and more beautiful place as well.

Interplay between the environment, gambling, and cultural attitudes

You might think it’s a little bit silly to look so deeply at these kinds of issues, but they have a very real impact. You see, whether or not we are aware of it, our world makes its way into every nook and cranny of our lives, entertainment included.

In this case, the natural world absolutely has impacted the game designers enough to create a Flowers online slot game. In turn, gamblers are interested enough in this theme that it’s one of their most popular selections. And what we see in entertainment ultimately impacts our world view, too.

There’s clear science outlining the impact that entertainment, especially games, can influence the way we view the world. It’s important to be critical of the media we consume. By enjoying and gambling on games that celebrate nature, as is the case with the Flowers online slot, we are more likely to respect our environment. If you’re wondering what’s so important about a handful of flowers, let’s take a look at the flowers included in the Flowers online slot below. You may be surprised to learn just how valuable these are.

The impact of roses, sunflowers, and other plant life

There are several main considerations for this point: the health of bees, propagating other crops, feeding the ecosystem, and providing the air you breathe. It’s all a deeply interwoven cycle, of course. First, we’ll touch upon the importance that bees have to the environment.

While you make think of them as a nuisance, bees are responsible for more than 70% of the world's crops. Without bees carrying pollen around, you wouldn’t have most produce and other popular goods. After all, everything edible (and many inedible things) begin as a plant in the manufacturing process.

Since bees help propagate other crops, they contribute to your entire dining room table. The seeds from these crops and decomposition also help feed local wildlife. And, of course, all plant life helps produce the oxygen we breathe. It’s important to recognize that every piece of entertainment you consume, such as the Flowers online slot, wouldn’t exist without respect for nature (and perhaps, the inverse is true, too).

For further information, please contact:

Aviva Imhof, Campaigns Director
International Rivers Network
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