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China River Slot 

China is the third biggest country in the world, and that is why it is home to many beautiful and large rivers that are known worldwide. Some of the best Chinese rivers are the Yellow River, the Nu/Salween, the Pearl River, the Songhuajiang River, the Yangtze River, the Haihe River, the Liaohe River, Lancang/Mekong, and the Huaihe River. Thanks to some of the rivers in China, one of the first civilizations in the history of mankind was born there. It gifted us with philosophy, medicine, and many great contributions. The Yangtze River holds the title of the longest river in Asia, while also being the longest river in the world that flows through a single country. And based on all these Chinese history and themes, the China River slot was created.

China River Slot

The original China river slot was introduced back in 2014. Even though it did not show any ground-breaking slot games and graphics, it was accepted by the masses after the second version got released. The music of the slot game is admirable, as it reminds you of the Chinese folk music that has always attracted ears. The China river slot can provide you with a winning amount of 33.33 times your bet. As a result, people love to bet on this slot game while many popular and better slots still exist. It is surely not the best slot game an online casino can have, but it has its value. The adequate involvement of the Chinese culture in the entire gameplay allows the players to play while hovering the attractive outlook. If you want to play slots at Joycasino, there are more than enough options for you. Joycasino apparently tries to make sure to give you something that you will enjoy. Be it highly attractive and eye-catching graphics, great functionality, and winning chances or fun experiences.

Players visit China river slots to experience the huge inventory of jackpots. The game is operated on a medium variance model and has a Mega Drop of 3 successive jackpots. These jackpots can be won at any stake level but higher stakes will produce higher chances of victory. This is what attracts more people to the game. China River after catching up with Mega Drop Jackpot gained more popularity and spread its empire. Another good thing about the games is that it has a pretty fast loading time because of proper coding and design. The graphic is also pretty decent that doesn’t harm your eyes after playing for a long time.

Place your luck on the hands of the Golden pheasant and enjoy the slot that flourishes the Chinese theme. The entire game consists of thousands of luck combinations that you can win. Basically, this whole casino game was created inspired by Chinese history and theme. Any person who loves Chinese culture and tradition while also being a casino gamer will love to try some rolls in the River slot game. The non-progressive video slot highlights Chinese signs that represent wealth, honesty, and luck. The reels presented by the China River consists of an assortment of mystery slots which are implied every time with various symbols which produce a higher chance of winning. When you will see a red Chinese character that would indicate wealth. Alongside, they have many bright poker cards like Jacks, Kings, Queens, Aces, and many more. If you can place the proper accumulation of the Chinese symbols then you can guarantee a huge sum of cash back home. After you have fixed the slot into play, observe for the golden pheasant. The golden pheasant is the sole Chinese symbol of the entire game that will change its appearance into another symbol multiple times during the game. They provide a bunch of bonus schemes in free spins for the players. If you gained two to five coins in a specific pattern of Chinese longevity, you will receive free spins. Also, free bonus games are provided respectively with different combinations. Furthermore, if you claim the victory in bonus games then more additional games will be awarded to you. Well, anyone who doesn’t know that much about the tradition of China, they will still find this game appealing. Because of all these offers, bonuses and winning chances. Also, as described before, the gameplay is pretty fun and can provide enjoyment for people from different generations and places. Slot games at Joycasino come with excellent prizes, and they are well-made to attract your eyes! 

China river has 5 spinning reels with a lot of bright graphics which will not leak your expectations but will at least maintain the standard format. Unique game design and functions make the game more attractive. The colourful variety of the Chinese culture implements the entire gameplay to be more interesting for the players and distinctive bonuses that are provided every time makes it worth playing for real money.


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