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The New Great Walls
A Guide to China’s Overseas Dam Industry

Chinese dam companies and financial institutions are outpacing their competitors in overseas dam contracts. China's overseas dam industry is building hundreds of dams around the world, particularly in Southeast Asia and Africa, but also in countries like Pakistan and Albania. What can communities impacted by these projects do to protect their rights and advocate for rivers targeted for dams built by China? This new guide provides useful information for groups concerned about dam projects in which Chinese companies and financiers are involved.

World Rivers Review June 2008
Legacy Issue

Large dams have created a sad legacy of social injustices and environmental degradation that often outweighs the benefits they bring. The parties involved in approving, financing, designing and building dams should be held responsible for solving problems created by dams, but in the majority of cases, responsible parties have taken few or no steps to resolve outstanding problems, leaving affected people to fend for themselves. This special issue of World Rivers Review reports on a few key reparations case studies, and describes actions that people around the globe are taking to address the legacy of large dams.

Bad Deal for the Planet
Why Carbon Offsets Aren't Working…and How to Create a Fair Global Climate Accord

International Rivers' third annual "Dams, Rivers & People" report explains the failure of the world's biggest carbon offsets program to make a dent in greenhouse-gas emissions. It also maps the world of rivers and dams for the past year and pinpoints hotspots for the coming year. This report dissects the CDM's major flaws, and lays out a Greenhouse Development Rights framework for creating true climate equity through shared-burden carbon taxes and shared solidarity.

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