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Books, Publications & Videos

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Featured Publication

Dams, Rivers & Rights: An Action Guide for Communities Affected by Dams

Dams, Rivers & Rights

Dams, Rivers and Rights is the perfect tool for anyone threatened by dam construction. The guide provides general information about dams and their impacts, and gives concrete ideas about how to challenge dams. Filled with case studies of real dam struggles and helpful illustrations, the guide offers practical suggestions on how to campaign to protect your rivers and rights.

Visit the feature page for this publication.

general info

World Rivers Review

World Rivers Review (Bimonthly)

Subscription included with IRN membership

IRN’s newsletter. Covers the worldwide movement to stop destructive dams, provides information about alternatives to large hydro projects, and includes action alerts, book reviews, and profiles of key individuals and groups. A subscription to World Rivers Review is included in an IRN membership. Issues dating back to October 1998 are available on the World Rivers Review page.

Rivers for Life

Rivers for Life: Inspirations and Insights from the 2nd International Meeting of Dam-Affected People and their Allies (2004)

See the Rivers for Life Video
(Real Player Required)

Published by IRN and Environmental Leadership Program. Proceedings plus a 15-minute CD video from the 2003 meeting in Rasi Salai, Thailand. Available for free download on IRN’s Rivers for Life page. Hard copies of the report and the CD are available free of charge to NGOs and affected peoples groups. To request a copy email riam@irn.org.

Silenced Rivers

Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams (2001)

By Patrick McCully $25

Analyzes the history and politics of dam building worldwide. This book also tells the story of the growth of the international anti-dam movement and explains alternative methods of supplying the services supposed to be provided by large dams.

Rios Silenciados, by Patrick McCully

Ríos Silenciados: Ecología y Política de las Grandes Represas (2004)

By Patrick McCully $25

The much-awaited Spanish version of the acclaimed book Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams, by Patrick McCully. The Spanish version was translated and edited by PROTEGER - Amigos de la Tierra (FoE Argentina).

Silenced Rivers

Large Dams, False Promises (1994 Video)


Writer and producer, David Phinney, executive producer Andrea Torrice, 33 minutes. Features three dams: Sardar Sarovar (India), Three Gorges (China) and Balbina (Brazil). Illustrates the destruction large dams cause to ecosystems and riverine communities. Available in both PAL and NTSC formats.

Citicen's Guide to the W C D

Citizens’ Guide to the World Commission on Dams (2002)

A tool for people in their struggles for social justice and environmental protection. Available in English, Spanish and French.

Dammed Rivers, Damned Lies

Dammed Rivers, Damned Lies: What the Water Establishment Doesn’t Want You to Know (2003)

This briefing kit exposes the myths behind large dams and promotes equitable and sustainable solutions for meeting the world’s water and energy needs. Available on IRN’s About Rivers & Dams page.

climate change

Fizzy Science

Fizzy Science: Loosening the Hydro Industry’s Grip on Reservoir Greenhouse Gas Emissions Research (2006)

A bitter debate has broken out in the scientific community over hydropower’s contribution to global warming. A leading climate scientist calculates that there are startlingly high levels of greenhouse gas emissions when water is released from the turbines and spillways of dams in the tropics. But hydro industry-backed researchers have sharply attacked his work. An IRN report, "Fizzy Science: Loosening the Hydro Industry’s Grip on Reservoir Greenhouse Gas Emissions Research," calls for a UN scientific panel to review the issue.

Visit the feature page for this publication.

Damming the C D M

Updates on Large Hydro and the Clean Development Mechanism (2002)

Published by IRN and CDM Watch. Available on IRN’s Rivers, Dams & Climate Change page.

water & energy alternatives

Spreading the Water Wealth

Spreading the Water Wealth: Making Water Infrastructure Work for the Poor (2006)

International Rivers Network’s first annual "Dams, Rivers and People" report focuses on water infrastructure and poverty. Spreading the Water Wealth analyzes the different strategies to reduce poverty in the water sector, and presents a proposal for a new global water policy that is pro-poor and environmentally sustainable.

Visit the feature page for this publication.

Beyond Dams

Beyond Dams: Options & Alternatives (2004)

The purpose of this report is to provide stakeholders and decision-makers with an overview of low-impact and non-structural alternatives to dams. It is designed as a reference for anyone interested in exploring options for replacing a function served by an existing dam or replacing a function to be served by a dam. Published by IRN and American Rivers. Available on IRN’s Beyond Dams Report: Options & Alternatives page.

Twelve Reasons

Twelve Reasons to Exclude Large Hydro from Renewables Initiatives (2003)

Co-published by IRN and 12 other organizations. Available on IRN’s Rivers, Dams & Climate Change page in English and Spanish.


Foiling the Aluminum Industry, by Glenn Switkes

Foiling the Aluminum Industry - A Toolkit for Communities, Activists, Consumers, and Workers (2005)

IRN has published this toolkit to provide information on the impacts of the global aluminum industry, as well as a broad set of references to put readers in touch with organizations which have addressed the aluminum industry and its operations. By Glenn Switkes, Published by International River Network. Available for free download.


Energy Framework Sells Climate and Poor People Short

World Bank Energy Framework Sells Climate and Poor People Short (2006)

As the World Bank unveiled its new Investment Framework on Clean Energy and Development at its annual meeting in Singapore in September, a coalition of environment and development organizations charge that the strategy will not be effective at combating climate change and expanding energy access for the poor. The World Bank proposed raising $10 billion for conventional energy technologies such as fossil fuels, while selling renewable sources of energy short. The strategy will do little to slow global climate change or bring energy services to the 1.6 billion people that currently lack them.

Download the full report (PDF).

Development Disasters

Development Disasters: Japanese-Funded Dam Projects in Asia (2003)

Published by IRN, Rivers Watch East and Southeast Asia and Friends of the Earth Japan. Features case studies of six Japanese-funded dam projects at various stages of implementation. Available on IRN’s Southeast Asia Campaign page in PDF format.

Gambling With Peoples' Lives

Gambling with People’s Lives: What the World Bank’s New "High Risk/High-Reward" Strategy Means for the Poor and the Environment (2003)

Published by IRN, Environmental Defense and Friends of the Earth. Available on IRN’s International Finance page.

river revival

River Revival Bulletin

River Revival Bulletin (Monthly)

Digest of international dam removal news. Available on IRN’s River Revival page.

Reviving the World's Rivers

Reviving the World’s Rivers: The Global View of Dam Removal (2001)

Available on IRN’s River Revival page.



Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams: The World Bank’s Failed Efforts to Restore Lives and Livelihoods of Dam-Affected People in Lesotho (2001)

Available on IRN’s Lesotho Campaign page.

River Keepers Handbook

River Keepers Handbook: A Guide to Protecting Rivers and Catchments in Southern Africa (1999)

By Lori Pottinger $15

Latin America

Human Rights Dialogue

The Chixoy Dam Destroyed Our Lives (2004)

Chapter from Human Rights Dialogue: "Environmental Rights", Published by Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs. Describes the tragedy of the Maya-Achí people of Guatemala, victims of a World Bank-funded hydroelectric dam, and their efforts to reclaim their lives. Available for download at the Carnegie Council website.

Guardianes de los Rios

Guardianes de los Ríos: Guía para activstas (2000)


Coordinated by Monti Aguirre and Glenn Switkes. Available in Spanish and Portuguese.

South Asia

Financing Dams in India

Financing Dams in India: Risks and Challenges (2005)

IRN briefing paper discusses the risks of doing business with India’s National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC). Available on IRN’s South Asia Campaign page in PDF format.

Southeast Asia

Risky Business for Laos: The Nam Theun 2 Hydropower Project

Risky Business for Laos: The Nam Theun 2 Hydropower Project (2004)

Available on IRN’s Nam Theun 2 Campaign page.

River of Controversy

River of Controversy: Damming and Blasting the Mekong (2002)

Available on IRN’s Mekong Campaign page.

Power Struggle

Power Struggle: The Impacts of Hydro-Development in Laos (1999)

Available on IRN’s Mekong Campaign page.

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