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World Commission on Dams: Responses

Global Responses to the World Commission on Dams Report

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All articles listed below are from IRN’s magazine, World Rivers Review, and are PDF files

WCD+5: Special Issue
October – December 2005 (various articles)

Turning the WCD Into Action in South Africa
December 2004 (Page 8)

Hydropower Groups Sidestep WCD Guidelines
February 2004 (Page 6)

Assessing Options, Meeting Needs
December 2003 (Page 11)

Special Focus on Backlash to the WCD
October 2003 (Entire issue)

One Year After the WCD: Reflections on Diverse Reactions to Groundbreaking Report
December 2001 (Page 8)

Dam Industry Group Gets a Dose of Reality
October 2001 (Page 4)

NGOs Protest World Bank Position on WCD Guidelines
June 2001 (Page 16)

The WCD Raises Bar on Resettlement
February 2001 (Page 5)

Special Focus on the WCD Report
December 2000 (Entire issue)

World Commission on Dams Study Exposes India’s Dismal Track Record on Large Dams
October 2000 (Page 1)

The World Commission on Dams’ final report generated a broad array of reactions and official responses. Many civil society organizations and some governments and international organizations are working to ensure that the WCD’s recommendations are implemented in dam-related decision-making. Other governments and dam-industry interests have strongly rejected the report. Still others are somewhere in the middle, accepting some parts of the report but rejecting others. Perhaps most disappointing was the reaction of the World Bank, a major lender to large dams and a supporter of the WCD process. But at the same time, exciting initiatives are taking place around the world, with national dialogues on how to incorporate the WCD into national planning processes underway in many countries.

The WCD site has compiled numerous reactions to the report.

The main follow up vehicle to the WCD is the UN Environment Programme’s Dams and Development Project (DDP). The DDP has summarized reactions and activities in response to the WCD report.

Learn about the growing movement to bring the WCD approach to energy and water planning in Africa.

Read a statement by a coalition of activists and affected people monitoring the WCD. A Call to Public Financial Institutions, released at the launch of the WCD report, was endorsed by 109 NGOs from 39 countries.

Read IRN’s submission to the ADB encouraging it to adopt the WCD’s recommendations.

Read a submission on WCD’s China Country Review paper, by Sophia Woodman, research director, Human Rights in China.

  latest additions  
German Government Ignores WCD, CDM Compliance Standards
German government policy requires that hydro projects from which Germany buys CDM emission credits should comply with WCD standards. However, the German Government is a partner with the World Bank in developing a hydro project for the CDM that has not demonstrated its compliance with the WCD. The project documents for La Esperanza hydro project in Honduras do not even mention the WCD. No additional documentation has been made available showing the compliance of the project with WCD standards. Please read a letter from international NGOs protesting the breach of German CDM policy. Please also read the German Minister for Environment’s reply and a second NGO letter which responds to the Minister’s letter.
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