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On November 16, 2000, the World Commission on Dams published its pathbreaking report, Dams and Development, A New Framework for Decision–Making. Bringing together prominent representatives from a broad range of perspectives, the WCD has been hailed as a new model of global governance, one that can help resolve conflicts through multi–stakeholder dialogues.

How has the WCD Report changed the debate about large dams? Has the WCD’s approach been able to resolve dam conflicts? What future challenges are dam developers and dam critics facing? These questions were discussed at a press conference, an expert workshop and a panel debate on November 15 in Berlin.

Press Conference

The press conference presented perspectives on the 5th anniversary of the WCD from a former WCD Commissioner and civil society representatives from the North and South.

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Expert Workshop

The workshop brought together interested experts from governments, financial institutions, academia, and civil society. Speakers and participants took stock of how the WCD report has changed decision–making in the water and power sectors, and discussed concrete challenges for the future implementation of the WCD recommendations.

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Panel Debate

Representatives of governments, international organizations, civil society, and an ex–Commissioner of the WCD discussed future standards for water and power projects, and the value of the WCD approach for resolving conflicts about large dams.

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