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Career, Internship and Volunteer Opportunities at IRN
Career, Internship & Volunteer Opportunities at IRN

International Rivers Network (IRN) is a leading organization that supports communities around the world in protecting their rivers, watersheds and human rights. We work to halt destructive river development projects and to encourage more equitable and sustainable methods of meeting needs for water, energy and flood management. IRN has a strong commitment to maintaining a diverse staff. People of color, women, and l/g/b/t persons are strongly encouraged to apply. In an effort to achieve greater age diversity, IRN also encourages applications from people over the age of 50.

We have no staff positions available at this time.


  • IRN offers occasional internships in each of our campaign areas. Please send your resume;, a cover letter detailing your interest in our work, and a short writing sample to internship@irn.org.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • If you are interested in volunteering at IRN, please feel free to contact us. Send information about your qualifications and availability to volunteer@irn.org.
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For further information, please contact:

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