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 Dammed Rivers, Damned Lies Released

What the water establishment doesn’t want you to know

Over 45,000 large dams have been built to meet the world’s water, energy and flood management needs. However, dams have failed to live up to expectations and have devastated communities and ecosystems. This briefing kit exposes the myths behind large dams and promotes equitable and sustainable solutions for meeting the world’s needs.

This briefing kit was created for the Third World Water Forum in Kyoto, Japan by Friends of the Earth Japan and International Rivers Network. It is also available in Japanese. Download the entire briefing kit (584kb).

Table of Contents

  1. Dammed Rivers, Damned Lives: The case against large dams

  2. A Crisis of Mismanagement: Real solutions to the world’s water problems

  3. Beyond Hydropower: Energy options for the 21st century

  4. Warming the Earth: Hydropower threatens efforts to curb climate change

  5. The Coming Storm: Preparing for a warming water world

  6. No More Dam Illusions: The growing success of dam opponents in Japan

Additional Papers

  1. Who’s Behind the World Water Forums? A brief guide to the world water mafia

  2. World Bank Water Strategy is Reactionary, Dishonest and Cynical: Rich pickings for the dam lobby, harm for the poor and environment

  3. Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project III, Pakistan

  4. Crisis on the Klamath

  5. India’s Bhakra Project: The reality behind a legend

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