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 About Rivers

  Iguazú Falls, Río Iguazú, Argentina
Can We Save the Earth’s Rivers?
An excerpt from the 2003 book Rivers for Life: Managing Water for People and Nature, by Sandra Postel and Brian Richter. Printed in World Rivers Review, December 2003.

Catchment Basics
Excerpt from River Keepers Handbook: A Guide to Protecting Rivers and Catchments in Southern Africa. (1999)

A Short History of Rivers
Excerpt from Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams. (2001)

A Case for Living Rivers
Written for the International Day of Action Against Dams.

The Stressful Life of Rivers in a Dry Land
An interview with a South African river restorer, World Rivers Review, February 2003.

Intricate, Elegant, Delicate: The Inner Workings of Healthy Rivers
World Rivers Review, June 2002.

Watching the Rivers’ Flows
Talking with an expert on rivers’ needs for water, World Rivers Review, June 2002.

A River Map for the New Millennium
World Rivers Review, February 2000.

A New Course for Water Policy
World Rivers Review, February 2000.

The Wise Use of Watersheds
World Rivers Review, September 1996.

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