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Dams in the Pipeline
Dams In the Pipeline Of Financial Institutions

A village that will be affected by the Nam Theun 2 dam in Laos

This webpage lists new water and energy sector projects in the lending pipelines of the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the Inter–American Development Bank. It includes a wide range of project types, including hydropower, irrigation and other dam projects; renewable energy and rural electrification projects; adjustment lending for the power, irrigation and water supply sectors; and transmission and distribution projects.

The African Development Bank does not list projects in the pipeline. In the case of the AfDB, the webpage lists projects that were recently approved. For some of the other institutions, it is also difficult to detect new projects in the pipeline, and there is no guarantee that this list is complete.


references & lists

Lists are downloadable in PDF format by selecting from the following list:

The list only includes new projects in the lending pipeline. For a complete list of projects in the pipeline, visit the following websites:

World Bank*
Asian Development Bank*
African Development Bank
Inter–American Development Bank*
* When searching "All Projects by Country", select country by name at the bank’s website. Next, select "Projects & Programs" (World Bank site), "Projects" (ADB site).

Public Citizen also offers an overview of all water supply and sanitation projects in the World Bank pipeline, a service that is updated every three months.

Monthly updates about new projects in the lending pipeline are distributed through IRN’s "International Financial Institutions" listserv. You can subscribe to this listserv by entering your email address into the form in the left column of this page.

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