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International Financial Institutions: Export Credit Agencies
 Export Credit Agencies

  Construction of Three Gorges Dam

The construction site of the Three Gorges Dam in China

Export credit agencies provide public credits and guarantees for private export contracts. Many export credit agencies play a major role as financiers of large dams. Many of these institutions do not adhere to internationally recognized social and environmental standards.

This site presents major reports and documents, and other news and updates about dam projects financed by export credit agencies.

  news & updates  
Export Credits – A Trojan Horse for Environmental Destruction
Governments are about to grant export subsidies for hydropower projects that are financed by their export credit agencies. A new NGO report examines the experience with large dams that were financed with official export credits. Read the media advisory and the full report (in PDF format).
Call for JBIC to Cancel Remaining Disbursements for San Roque Dam
NGOs call for JBIC, Japan’s export credit agency, to cancel financing for the San Roque Dam given the violations of Philippine law and OECD guidelines.
Japanese Prime Minister Urged to Toughen Standards for Development Super–Agency
NGOs also demand withdrawal from Filipino dam.
Japanese Ex–Im Bank Approves $302 Million Loan for Private Dam in Philippines
Funding decided despite opposition of local government, residents and NGOs, incomplete Environmental Impact Assessment.
  reports & documents  
Race to the Bottom – Take 2
An Eca–watch report follows up their earlier report, A Race to the Bottom (published 1999, see below) with further case studies. (PDF)
Damming Evidence – Canada and the WCD
A report by the Halifax Initiative.
Development Disasters: Japanese–Funded Dam Projects in Asia
A new publication from Rivers Watch East and Southeast Asia, International Rivers Network and Friends of the Earth Japan featuring case studies of six Japanese–funded dam projects at various stages of implementation.
IRN Report on Human Rights Violations in the Three Gorges Project
An eyewitness report documents serious human righs abuses in the Three Gorges Project.
A Race to the Bottom
An Eca–watch report with case studies of projects financed by export credit agencies.
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