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About Dams
 About Dams
Dam Basics

Dammed Rivers, Damned LiesDammed Rivers, Damned Lies:

A briefing kit on the impacts of dams and better options for meeting water and energy needs.

Dam Impacts
Dam impacts at a glance

Frequently asked questions about large dams

Return of the Giants (PDF)
An article about the renewed interest in the construction of large dams in the global south. This article, in German, was written by Ann Kathrin Schneider, IRN, and Regine Richter, urgewald, and was published by iz3w in January 2007.
World Commission on Dams Report
Published November 2000.
Dam Wrong: The World Bank & Large Dams (2004)
Large Dams Fail WCD’s "Core Values"
World Rivers Review, December 2000.
Dams: What They Are and What They Do
Excerpt from Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams. (2001)
Dams Lite?: Run–of–River Projects No Panacea
World Rivers Review, August 2001.
  social & environmental impacts
WCD Report Confirms Social, Economic, Environmental Harm From Dams
Critics Demand Dam–Building Moratorium, Reparations for Past Damage, World Rivers Review, December 2000.
Global–Scale Environmental Effects of Hydrological Alterations
Bioscience, April 2000.
The Environmental Impacts of Large Dams
Presentation for African conference on large dams.
  economic impacts
Neither Cheap Nor Clean: The True Costs of Hydro Add Up to a Bad Deal
World Rivers Review, June 2000.
Expensive and Dirty Hydro
Power Economics, February 2000.
Dams on the Rocks: The Flawed Economics of Large Hydroelectric Dams
Report by The Cornerhouse. (1998)
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