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Affected Villagers in India

People that were displaced by the Sardar Sarovar Dam in India’s Narmada Valley

IRN Calls on German Chancellor Not to Finance Controversial Turkish Dam
The Turkish government is determined to build the Ilisu Dam on the river Tigris, located in the Kurdish area of Turkey. Züblin, a German construction company wants the construction contract and is applying for an export guarantee from the German government. When Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was in Berlin for talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Amidst rumors they were to discuss the dam IRN and two German NGOs issued a press release about a letter they sent Merkel asking her to not give the export guarantee to Turkey. This press release is in German.
The World Bank’s Conflicted Corruption Fight
The new President of the World Bank has identified corruption as the single most important obstacle to development. Unfortunately, his fight against corruption is half–hearted. The experience of Pakistan’s water sector shows that the bank’s self–interests reward rather than discourage corruption in infrastructure lending. This is the conclusion of an analysis by Peter Bosshard of IRN and Shannon Lawrence of Environmental Defense. A shorter version of this text appeared in the May 2006 issue of the Far Eastern Economic Review, and is available on request. Read the World Bank’s response to these articles, and IRN’s further response to the World Bank.
Business as Usual Will Not Achieve Climate and Development Goals
In April 2006, the World Bank published a new strategy on climate change, energy and development. Read IRN’s critique of this report.
Wolfowitz Appointment: A Blow Against International Law and Human Rights
Johannesburg Summit Endorses Business as Usual for River Destroyers
International Rivers Network’s Statement on the World Summit on Sustainable Development.
World Bank Management Manipulated Data on Uganda Dam
Analysis of internal documents by International Rivers Network shows that World Bank management manipulated data to gain Board approval for the project, which is sponsored by US–based AES Corporation.
Critics’ Attempts at Constructive Dialogue Find World Bank Less Than Engaging
Bank’s Repeated Failure to Heed Citizen Input Belies Its Challenges to Demonstrators. Read the IRN and Development GAP joint press release in PDF format.
International Financial Institutions & the WCD
NGOs call on all fincial institutions to adopt the recommendations of the World Commission on Dams report.
Old Water in a New Bottle
World Water Vision is Chronically Short–Sighted: Statement on the Report of the World Commission on Water.
ADB’s Dam–Building Record ‘Seriously Deficient’
The report calls for the Bank to impose a moratorium on all funding for energy projects in the Mekong region until it has studied renewable energy and energy efficiency options.
Independent Commission to Review World’s Dams
Dam critics and proponents have agreed to work together to establish a top–level commission to review the social, economic and environmental costs and benefits of the world’s dams, recommend international standards on dam construction and assess sustainable and equitable methods of land and water management and energy production.
Critique of "The World Bank’s Experience With Large Dams: A Preliminary Review Of Impacts"
By IRN Campaigns Manager, Patrick McCully. The Executive Summary is also available.
World Bank Dam Evaluation ‘Seriously Deficient’
NGOs Demand Independent Review and Moratorium on World Bank Support of Large Dams.
Call for International Moratorium on Large–Dam Building
From the First International Conference of Dam–Affected People.
The Declaration of Curitiba: Affirming the Right to Life and Livelihood of People Affected by Dams
Approved at the 1st International Meeting of People Affected by Dams at Curitiba, Brazil.
Human Rights Groups Demand a World Bank Investigation Into the Chixoy Project Massacres
International Rivers Network and Witness for Peace write to World Bank President James Wolfensohn calling for an independent investigation into World Bank involvement with Guatemala’s Chixoy Dam.
Manibeli Declaration
Calling for a Moratorium on World Bank Funding of Large Dams.
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