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 River Revival Currents
River Revival Bulletin Number 64
Read the January 12, 2005 edition of IRN’s update on the latest events in the worldwide movement to restore our rivers.
60 US dams to be removed in 2004
Read American Rivers’ survey of US dam removals planned for 2004.
Beyond Dams: Options & Alternatives
A report by International Rivers Network and American Rivers provides an overview of low–impact and non–structural alternatives to dams, designed as a reference for anyone interested in exploring options for replacing a function served by an existing dam or replacing a function to be served by a dam. (PDF)

Canada’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2003
See Earthwild International’s 2003 presentation of the top 10 most endangered rivers in Canada.
Fisheries and Livelihoods Recovering Since Thai Government Opened Pak Mun’s Gates
A research project by villagers affected by Pak Mun Dam shows that fisheries are flourishing and people are regaining their livelihoods and dignity since the dam gates were opened in June 2001. Read the executive summary of their preliminary findings or the longer summary report. For more information on this exciting campaign to restore the Mun River, visit IRN’s Pak Mun campaign.
Reviving the World’s Rivers
Read IRN’s brochure about global dam removal issues and campaigns.
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