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Take Action!

All over the world, people are fighting to protect their rivers and their livelihoods from new dams. They are demanding compensation for problems caused by old dams. And they are proposing better alternatives for energy, water supply and flood management. But they need your help to succeed!

Please take a moment to respond to these Action Alerts and make your voice heard!

 Protect the Wild Jondachi River of Ecuador's Amazon!

Jondachi River (Courtesy of Matt Terry, Ecuadorian Rivers Institute)

One of the most beautiful, wild and pristine rivers of the Ecuadorian Amazon faces destruction from “La Merced de Jondachi” Hydroelectric Project, which would dry out a majestic section of the Jondachi River located in the UNESCO Sumaco Biosphere Reserve. The area is home to 15 indigenous Kichwa communities that depend on the river for fishing and bathing, and is also a world class kayaking destination. Recreational use of the Jondachi River helps sustain a tourism-based economy in Napo province.

Please join International Rivers and the local Ecuadorian communities to help stop La Merced de Jondachi Hydroelectric Project before it destroys the livelihoods of the indigenous Kichwa people and the important ecotourism kayaking sector.

Stand in Solidarity with the people of the Amazon's Xingu Basin

The Kayapó get settled at the encampment in Altamira (Glenn Switkes)

The Kayapó get settled at the encampment in Altamira (Glenn Switkes)

The Brazilian government is planning to build what would be the world´s third largest dam on the Xingu River in the Brazilian Amazon and the indigenous peoples who stand to be affected by them have resolved to "not accept the construction of dams, large or small, on the Xingu and its tributaries.”

Please tell Brazil´s President Lula and other decision-makers in the Brazilian government that you support the position of indigenous peoples of the rainforest – that Brazil has better ways of providing its future energy needs than destroying the Xingu River.


Protect the Amazon's Madeira River!

The Brazilian government is planning to build two massive dams on one of the Amazon's most important tributaries: the Madeira River. The projects would threaten the river's unique biodiversity, destroying habitat for the spotted jaguar, giant otter, pink dolphin and countless other mammal species, and would affect the land and livelihoods of thousands of river bank dwellers and indigenous people.

Save the town of Hasankeyf, Turkey!

Hands Off Hasankeyf (Credit: Doga Dernegi)

The German Government supports the construction of the Ilisu Dam on the Tigris River in southeast Turkey, which will displace at least 50,000 people, most of them Kurdish, and flood the 10,000-year-old town of Hasankeyf. Last year the German government granted export credit guarantees for the project, justified by attaching environmental and social conditions to the contracts. Now a new expert report suggests that these conditionalities are not being followed.


A Cavalcade to Stop the Dams

Save Patagonia's Baker and Pascua Rivers!

Two of Chile's wild and pristine rivers, the Baker and the Pascua, are under attack. These rivers are social and ecological lifelines for Chilean Patagonia. But an Italian company, Enel, wants to dam these rivers for no more than 50 years of electricity generation.

Tell Enel to leave Chile's Pascua and Baker rivers alone!