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About International Rivers

Our mission: To protect rivers and defend the rights of communities that depend on them. We oppose destructive dams and the development model they advance, and encourage better ways of meeting people’s needs for water, energy and protection from damaging floods.

We seek a world in which rivers and the life they support are valued, and where all people have a voice in decisions affecting their lives and livelihoods. We work toward a world where everyone has access to clean water and energy, and where development projects neither degrade nature nor destroy communities.

Based in five continents, our staff has expertise in dams, energy and water policy, climate change, and international financial institutions. We work with a global network of dam-affected people, environmentalists, human rights advocates and experts who are committed to fighting destructive river projects and promoting better alternatives.

International Rivers (formerly known as International Rivers Network or IRN), was founded in 1985 and the focus of our work is in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Learn more about how we work. Read our complete mission, vision and values statements.

For a visual introduction to dams, rivers and people watch our We All Live Downstream slideshow.