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Cancel La Parota Dam!

Help the People who would be affected by La Parota Dam in Mexico!

Repression of dam opponents has already led to 2 deaths.

Send a message to Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, asking that he cancel construction of the La Parota Hydroelectric project due to the opposition by communities who would be affected by the dam. The Mexican government wants to start construction on La Parota dam this year, and is trying rush through project approval without following the proper procedures. This has resulted in serious human rights violations for affected communities. If built, the project would affect the lives of 25,000 people who currently depend on the Papagayo River for fish, transportation, agriculture, water and other uses. Yet many of these people have not been given an opportunity to participate in community forums to discuss the project, and two potentially affected people have been killed as a result of their opposition to the project.

Ask President Fox to cancel the project, stop repression of project opponents and investigate better alternatives for meeting Mexico’s energy needs!

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Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico


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